1. Scout Day with the Columbus Blue Jackets

    March 25 @ 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM UTC+0
  2. Den Meetings

    March 27 @ 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM UTC+0
  3. 2017 Blue and Gold Banquet

    April 24 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM UTC+0
  4. Spring Camp Out

    May 5 @ 5:00 PM - May 7 @ 8:00 PM UTC+0
  5. Cub Scout Day Camp

    June 12 @ 8:00 AM - June 16 @ 5:00 PM UTC+0
Contact Pack 603 @ info@cubscoutpack603.org


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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 603!
Come Join the fun with us at St. Catharine of Siena

The view from the Eagles Nest at Camp Falling Rock

The Campfire Amphitheater at Camp Falling Rock

Finding your path in the great outdoors...

Starting down the Tiger Trail

Fall Campout Delaware State Park - WEBELOS RULE!!!

Volunteering at the Saint Catharine Knights of Columbus Fish Fry!

Spring Campout 2016 Camp Hugh Taylor Birch

What's in Scouting for ME?!?!?
Scouting offers year-round activities, adventures, learning and excitement! What is your favorite activity? Camping? Canoeing? Sports? Physical fitness? Nature? Cooking? History? Hiking? Racing? We have all of that AND MORE. Come Join Pack 603 and get in on the fun!
Join Pack 603!!

Camping with Pack 603

We love to go Camping. We hit up Scout campgrounds, urban parks and State parks. Sometimes in cabins, sometimes out under the stars! Wait until we show you how well you can see just by the moonlight! Come camp with us; we have lots of activities like canoeing, hiking, cooking, knot tying, learning carving skills. Earn rewards and they show up at campfire!!!! Have fun with Pack 603!

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Pack 603 Pinewood Derby Racing

When it’s Derby time then it’s time for some fun.  All Scouts are asked to make a racing car to put it to the test and hit our track.  Awards abound for fastest heats, fastest overall, best looking, most ingenious and more.  Scouts are bound to have fun as we race our cars to the finish line.  Everybody learns what it takes to make a model race car and how much fun it is to design something from your imagination. Have fun racing!!

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Pack 603 Rocket Derby

If you think racing cars in Pinewood Derby is awesome, wait until you get to make your best rocket to fire it across the room with your friends. Rockets are propelled by rubber bands tightened with precision to see who has built the most aerodynamic rocket. You can have a fun afternoon with you friends racing your rockets and with your family making the best and most fun rocket you can. Prizes and fun are sure to follow; let’s be Rocket Men!!

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Pack 603 Citizenship

As Cub Scouts we take the Scout Oath “to do my duty, to God and my country” and being a good citizen is part of that oath. As Scouts, we will explore different parts of citizenship like voting, keeping our communities clean, and learning our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Learn about being a good American together!

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Rope Making with Pack 603

Humans have been making rope for thousands of years, whether from hemp or twine or bark from trees, humans have learned to use ropes in many ways. Together, we explore making our own ropes to satisfy our needs when camping, hiking, and doing other Scouting Activities. Let’s make some rope – knot tying is next!

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We want to keep ourselves “physically fit” and a big part of being fit and healthy is in what we eat everyday. In Scouting we will learn how to pick foods that are good for us and then how to cook them either an open fire, a gas grill or even at home using a microwave. Cooking is a great life skill that will give you hours of satisfaction and a long healthy life! Get Cookin’ with Pack 603!

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Becoming physically fit is easy to do when you learn how to hike! It’s more than just walking around but we learn how to identify types of trees and plants, birds and other animals, weather conditions and more. Learning how to prepare for a hike is an import Scouting tradition to make sure everyone is safe and has fun on your hike! Let’s hit the trail with Pack 603!!

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Knot Tying

One of the greatest skills our Scouts start to learn is the art and science of knot tying. Sure, their first knot was how to tie their shoes but we will teach them how to tie them tighter so they don’t come undone. Then we will show them a square not and a bowline and a clove hitch and many many more. They will be all tied up having fun!

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Physical Fitness

We know we can get fit by Cooking and Hiking but we can get stronger bodies and minds if we exercise. At Pack 603, exercising your body is as important as exercising your mind and we will work together to build our fitness by doing exercises and playing games and sports. Being physically fit is fun – let’s get to it with Pack 603!

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We Obey The Scout Laws

The Scout Laws are the rules we choose to live and play by at school, at home, at church, at Scouts and all the time in between.

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Wondering where your son fits in?
Following the Cub Scout Trail

So where does your son fit in Scouting?  Cub Scouts start out their journey as Lions or Tigers and work their way through to earn the Arrow of Light before transitioning to Boy Scouts.  Take a look at some of the adventures the boys will get to take part in as they work along the Cub Scout Trail.

Sign up with Pack 603 today! Ask your parent or guardian for permission and invite them to come to the meetings where they can meet other Scout parents. Let’s get started!!!