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The Scout Oath & Scout Laws

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Cub Scouts Pack 603 | Bobcat Badge

Bobcat Badge Start your path to Scouting by learning how we do things and earning the Bobcat Badge.  Have your parents or guardian download the Bobcat badge worksheet and see how fast you can check off the requirement and join the Cub Club! Bobcat BadgeDownload Now! Bobcat Badge Requirements Earn the Bobcat Badge and show [...]

Stepping Back In Time

This weekend Pack 603 took a step back in time of sorts as the Cub Scouts had a chance to have an adventure at Camp Hugh Taylor Birch in Yellow Springs, Ohio. ┬áCamp Birch was founded in the 1930’s with a generous land grant and was built up over time to over 400 acres including […]

Space Derby Rules & Guidelines

Cub Scouts will find the Space Derby exciting. They blast off with models of miniature “rockets” propeller-driven and powered by three rubber bands that travel along a heavy monofilament fishing line. The official space derby kit includes all necessary materials and instructions for building. Join in the fun as the countdown begins for the space […]