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Camp Falling Rock Winter 2015

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We had our Winter Camp out at Camp Falling Rock on March 7th.  We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge, it’s pretty roomy with bunk beds and mattresses for a little comfort, heated for a lot of comfort and with a nice fireplace for us to sit around and shoot the breeze.  We started the campout with a little incident of a couple of Scouts scooting over a frozen pond.  While the ice was thick enough to hold the boys, the lesson was learned to not walk on thin ice!

Next we went on our hike.  Camp Falling Rock sits in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and so the terrain is up and down but there are some pretty good paths for us to follow.  We walked past and over the old wooden covered bridge.  There is an old cart, a relic of 20140301_173433a by-gone era next to the bridge.  We kept walking up the trail and got the the Amphitheater.  The Camp Falling Rock amphitheater is the main host for the campfires at the Scout camp.  the seats are railroad ties cut into the side of the hill and the backdrop is a spectacular waterfall that covers an old Indian cave.  The ice on the waterfall was cracking this year so the Cubs did not get a chance to explore the cave.  Maybe next time!

We got back from our walk, believe it or not, it was 3 MILES, and some of the cubs played tag and a few cubs sat down with Mr. Daly and learned how to start a fire with metal and flint and a secret ingredient – dryer lint.  Ben Murphy got a fire started right away.  Jacob Daly took a few more strikes and a little more encouragement and he got his fire to roll.

We ate dinner in our lodge as the temperatures plummeted and the boys gorged on chili and hot dogs before getting down to sleep… at 10 PM!!!  But we were all up and running early to a breakfast of hotcakes and sausages (and coffee for the adults) before we collapsed our camp.  As good Scouts, we left no trace and made sure the lodge and grounds were clean and put in order.

Camp Falling Rock is a great time – we look forward to going back!