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Cheerful Resilience

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Nothing could be more true!  So Mother Nature decided to play some of her mischievous tricks on us and opened up the heavens and rained on our parade.  It was cold, it was wet, it was muddy and miserable.  And yet it could not dampen the spirits of the Scouts.  DSC_0353
Do we need fire?!?!?  Then the boys hopped right to it.  We had fire in 10 minutes.  Do we need firewood?  Then the boys buddied up and we had wood for the entire weekend!  I am hungry!  No DSC_0357problem, the Webelos and Bears whipped up a great breakfast!  They wrestled.  They played.  They fished.  They canoed.  They hiked.  They were CHEERFUL and we can appreciate that.  They were cold and wet.  And we can appreciate that too.  But the Scouts showed us the real meaning of being cheerful: cheer-ful (/’CHirfel/) noticeably happy and optimistic.

It was a tough weekend weather wise but it was good to hang with the Scouts.  Thanks for showing a tired Cub Master it’s 90% how you handle it.