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Dens & Denizens

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Excited for Scouts?  Thank a Den Leader!
Den Leaders make the Pack go with some ingenuity, elbow grease and a little time.

So tonight we started down the path of building up our Dens.  Being in a Den is one of my first memories of Scouting.  My Mom was our Den leader, a role she did for at least 4 of her 5 boys.  Being a Den Mother seemed to satisfy her, she is a good mother, quite creative, and frankly, a tad bit crazy.  I think that is the perfect combination for being a Den Leader.


Having fun takes preparation – that’s Den Work Team Work.

In our Dens, we are trying to bring Scouting home to the boys.  Sometimes, like tonight, the Webelos and Bears have to do “grunt work” to learn about being prepared.   Being prepared to make food during the campout requires them to plan and organize, it requires the boys to make lists and do a little math but I think when they pull it all together there is a sense of satisfaction.  I noticed it last spring when we went camping in that awful downpour and the boys were tenacious enough to still light fires and cook our Silver Dollar dinners outside.  Not one boy say he didn’t have fun and didn’t like it.

Overall, Scouting is designed to be a character building program, but it tries to deliver that experience through “adventures” that include craftsmanship, planning, outdoorsmanship and doing “things”.  Thank your Den Leaders, it takes time to put together a Den experience that makes Scouting fun, gives the boys a chance to burn some energy and maybe learn something along the way.

And thank you for participating and coming tonight!  We have a lot going on with fundraising starting (think of it as not having to write a $255 check for Scouting every year), Shoot-o-Ree right around the corner, an upcoming Pack Meeting and of course our first campout.  We’ll see you at the end of the month at our Pack Meeting on September 29th!

-C. Daly