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Cub Scout Pack 603 | Earth Rocks

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Complete all Requirements.

Do the following:
Explain the meaning of the word ?geology.?
Explain why this kind of science is an important part of your world.
Look for different kinds of rocks or minerals while on a rock hunt with your family or your den.
Do the following:
Identify the rocks you see on your rock hunt. Use the information in your handbook to determine which types of rocks you have collected.
With a magnifying glass, take a closer look at your collection. Determine any differences between your specimens.
Share what you see with your family or den.
Do the following:
With your family or den, make a mineral test kit, and test minerals according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
Record the results in your handbook.
Identify on a map of your state some geological features in your area.
Do the following:
Identify some of the geological building materials used in building your home.
Identify some of the geological materials used around your community