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Cub Scout Pack 603 | Footsteps of Faith

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Complete Requirement 1 or 2 plus at least two others.

Do both of these:
Visit a religious monument or site where people might show reverence.
Create a visual display of your visit with your den or your family, and show how it made you feel reverent or helped you better understand your duty to God.
Complete 2a and at least two of requirements 2b?2d.
Give two ideas on how you can practice your duty to God. Choose one, and do it for a week.
Read a story about people or groups of people who came to America to enjoy religious freedom.
Learn and sing a song that could be sung in reverence before or after meals or one that gives encouragement, reminds you of how to show reverence, or demonstrates your duty to God.
Offer a prayer, meditation, or reflection with your family, den, or pack.