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Fun Fest Volunteer Sign Up

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Are you planning on going to Fun Fest next weekend?  Have your Scout sign-up to volunteer at the Fun Fest for an hour and they can earn a free ride pass for the day they volunteer.  Volunteer to help manage the games located against the church or to help with the Archery Trailer from The Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  There are several slots available for your Scout to take.

How It Works

Sign up your Scout for a slot.  After the volunteer service is completed, the Scout gets a ride pass for the rest of that day.  There are a number of openings available and an hour goes fast!!!

Volunteer to help our sponsor, St. Catharine’s Church and the Knights of Columbus.  Volunteer opportunities are available June 2 -4 from 6PM to 9PM.  Sing up now!

Fun Fest Volunteering