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Pack 603 Hits the Trail!

Hiking is a great activity for Cub Scouts!  We get to explore the woods and meadows around our campsites or hit the trails in urban parks.  Hiking is GREAT exercise and we can tackle a 1-2 mile trail and still be back at camp for lunch.  While we are hiking, we are also on the look out for that perfect hiking stick so we can practice our Whittling skills with our adult leaders and get a stick we can use throughout Scouting.  

Hiking is also super cool because we get a chance to catch nature being, well, natural!  We have tracked turkeys, deer, raccoons, rabbits, hawks and other animals and we learn about plants that we might want to stay away from like poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.  

We learn a lot while having a ton of fun and maybe an occasional snowball gets thrown in there too!  Come Join Pack 603 and hit the trails!