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One Step Forward

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So last night was a good night, well, really a GREAT night.  Last night, our Scouts moved forward.  And that means the Pack is moving forward.  And that’s a great thing.  In every Pack, members come and go, just like in the wild, sometimes folks move on to other things.  But our Scouts decided to stay, and they moved up.   And that’s a good thing.


Bears Ready to Roar

Last night was a chance to remind our boys of the Scout Laws and to try and increase their understanding of what the laws mean.  Our ceremony was to demonstrate how much better the world is with Scouting in it and with boys following the Scout Laws.  Just as we might use the Ten Commandments to guide us morally, or the Constitution to guide us legally, Scouts can use the Scout Laws as a guide to their character.  Of course not one Scout signed up to improve his character and that’s the challenge of the Scout Laws, getting the boys to live up to the laws through their day in and day out activities and letting them use it as a guide as they move forward in Scouting and life.

I am exceptionally encouraged at the participation all of the parents are putting in, whether helping with Den events, Pack meetings or helping your Scout do a little “homework.”   The success of Scouting is predicated on the Pack, the Den, the Scout and his Family.  Our goal with ceremonies like last night is to let you participate in the celebration of all the work your Scouts put into the program.   We may provide the patches, belt loops and pins, but we know you help them put in the work and it’s important for you to participate in their success.

I am very proud of what the boys accomplished last year and I am excited for this year and the great adventures we have planned.   Yesterday was about last year.  Today, we are moving forward and we are glad you are on the trail with us!