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Getting Involved is Simple and Easy

Boys who get the most out of Cub Scouts have parents who spend time with them on Cub Scouts.  Our goal is to provide your sons with an entertaining, educational and interactive experience in Pack 603.  The boys should be having so much fun they won’t even realize that they are learning new things about our community, environment and themselves.

We have a number of resources that can enable you to participate with your sons beyond attending campouts and meetings.


The Cub Scout Handbook is your guide to the adventures the Scouts will participate in this year.  You will notice that for each Rank, there are a series of 4-6 required adventures.  These are adventures that the Scouts will work on in the Den meetings.  To achieve rank, Scouts will need to complete anywhere from 1-4 additional electives.  These electives may be worked on in the Dens and also at home.  Each Scout can pick electives that he is most interested in.  This is a great opportunity to have some fun with your son and work on a project together!

Scouting Uniforms

As a member of Pack 603, every boy is provided with a handbook for their rank along with their neckerchief.  You are responsible for completing the uniform including the shirt, the patches and the neckerchief slide.  Cub Scouts wear uniforms to be part of a group and to showcase their achievements every single day.  Pack Meetings are “Class A” uniform days and your Scout is expected to wear his uniform shirt. Den Meetings are “Class B” uniform days and Scouts can wear their Pack t-shirt.

Simon Kenton Council Scout Store, 800 Kinnear Road, Suite 120, Columbus, OH 43212

Belt Loops

The Cub Scout Trail is designed for Scouts to earn at least one belt loop every month. Den Leaders work with Scouts on a huge variety of projects but they cannot complete everything. Working wit your Scout on their “homework” helps you see the things they are learning and keeps the program moving forward so your son can reach his Rank Advancement goals.

Pack 603 Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook explains how the Pack operates, the various levels of achievement for scouts, and how you might be involved in the Pack.  Whether supporting your scout with his or her “homework”, joining the Committee or even taking a leadership role in a Den or the Pack, the Handbook covers most essential questions and expectations for being part of Pack 603!  Click on the link below to download the Pack 603 Parent Handbook.


Consent Form

When attending an event with Pack 603 and the parent is not attending, a Consent Form is required by the Pack.  It’s quick and simple – download it below.  If your Scout is camping overnight without a parent being present the Annual Health & Medical Form must also be on file with the Pack.


Annual Health & Medical Form

The BSA has provided an Annual Health & Medical Form that is encouraged for all Parents to provide.  The form is required if your Scout is attending a Summer Camp, either Day Camp or Week Camp.  Your family physician can help you complete the form.