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Popcorn Fundraising Wrap-Up!

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Congratulations on a pretty successful fundraising effort!  We achieved over $5500 in popcorn sales generating about $1700 in funds for the Pack!  These funds will maintain the Pack and helps us to buy awards, ranks, materials for projects and crafts and support our outings.

Now that the fundraiser is over, we need to do TWO things:

  1.  We need to collect our funds and turn them in.  We will be meeting next Tuesday, 12/1, and that is the best time to get funds turned in.  If you cannot get everything collected by then, let me know.  Our last Pack Meeting for the year is 12/8/2015 and all funds are due then.
  2. Once all of the funds are collected, I will send instructions for the Scouts to pick their prizes based on the levels of funds they were able to raise.  I will get the prizes ordered and distribute them in January at our next Den Meeting.

Thank you again for your efforts!  Let’s put this one in the bag!