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Popcorn Pickup

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Our Show-Sell Popcorn is in and ready for pickup!
Let’s have some fun raising money for the pack…

Getting your popcorn is quick and easy.  You can get your popcorn at our warehouse at 2055 Corvair Boulevard, Columbus, OH 43207 (see map below).

Hours for Pick-Up

  • Saturday 9/19/2015 – 10AM-12PM
  • Sunday 9/20/2015 – 10AM-12PM
  • Monday 9/21/2015 – 5:30PM-8PM
  • Wednesday 9/23/2015 – 5:30PM-8PM
  • Thursday 9/24/2015 – 5:30PM-8PM
  • Friday 9/25/2015 – 5:30PM-7PM

If none of these times work for you, please contact Chris Daly at to set up a different time.

Quick Directions

  • Take Alum Creek Drive South past Frebis to the Southeast Industrial Complex.
  • Turn Right into the complex and veer right on Corvair Boulevard.
  • The first building on the LEFT is 2055 Corvair Boulevard – turn right into the lot.
  • Drive through the lot to the Drive In door.
  • Come into the warehouse and turn left down the aisle to get your popcorn.


What you should get at pick-up

  • Yellow Corn – 2 containers
  • Caramel Corn – 8 containers
  • Cheddar Cheese – 1 container
  • Jalapeno Cheese –  1 container
  • Sea Salt Splash – 1 container
  • Mud Puddles – 1 container
  • Microwave Butter – 2 containers
  • Microwave Butter Light – 1 container
  • Microwave Kettle Corn – 1 container
  • OSU Tin Caramel Sea Sale – 1 container
  • Classic Trio – 1 container
  • Cheese Lovers – 1 container (optional)
  • Chocolate Lovers – 1 container (optional)


Taking Orders

Write down customer names and addresses, order quantities and amounts for all orders.  If a customer would like a product you no longer have, write it down and let us know.  We can typically get the product within 5-7 days.

Military Donations

Don’t forget to ask if they would like to send a donation of popcorn to overseas military personnel.


All checks are written out to CUB SCOUT PACK 603.  Very important.

General Donations

If a customer would like to make a general cash or check donation, record the donation on your sell sheet and just write PACK DONATION next to the amount.  Be sure to thank the customer for supporting Scouting and be sure you get their address so we can send them a thank you!

Desktop Cards

We have desktop fold-over cards that show the products and prices if you want to take them to your office.

Let’s get this rolling and see how we do this year – our goal is $7500 across 18 scouts!