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Popcorn Sale

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Popcorn Sale

As a Pack, our goal is to sell enough Popcorn to raise the funds that our Pack needs to operate for the whole Scouting Year. Our goal is to sell approximately $16,000 worth of Popcorn…one kernel at a time. We will get to keep 32% of these funds…or approximately $5,100. This effort helps to teach our Scouts about “self confidence” and “earning their way.” Please try to make this as positive an experience for your Scout as possible. There are great prizes and recognition for every Scout that sells popcorn .

Our experience shows us that we are most successful when the Scouts go door-to-door with a wagon full of popcorn (and a parent). The customer sees a uniformed Scout, sees the popcorn and can purchase the popcorn on the spot in one transaction. The customer doesn’t have to order and then wait for it. You don’t have to return to deliver it (hoping that the customer will be home).

This portion of the Popcorn Sale starts on Saturday September 22, 2012 and will end on October 29th. Pick-up of popcorn will be from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Friday, September 23rd at Kim Miller’s house. The Scouts that get out early in the sale typically have the best luck.

In order to have the popcorn on hand, we have pre-ordered the most popular selling popcorn products. We have evenly distributed these popcorn products per Scout in the following way. Each Scout will receive the following:

Pre-Ordered Inventory

6 boxes – Unbelievable Butter, 18 Pack @ $18 each
6 boxes – Butter Light, 18 Pack @ $18 each
1 box – Kettle Corn, 18 Pack @ $25 each
1 box – Cheese Lovers Collection @ $30 each
6 bags – Original Caramel Corn @ $10 each
2 bags – Chocolate Triple Delight (NEW) @ $18 each
2 bags – Caramel Corn w/Almds/Pecans/Cashews @ $18 each
1 bag – Butter Toffee Light @ $18 each
Total value is $421.00
You can also sell popcorn via the internet to friends and family who live out of state by signing-up at Online sales count toward your son’s goal.

Scouts selling $250.00 or more by Oct 4th will earn a $10 gift card from Johnsons’s Ice Cream. The top seller will have a chance to throw a pie at the Cubmaster.

Pack 603 Popcorn Sales Weekend At Lowes

Each weekend in October –

Helpful Selling Tips:

Wear your Scout Uniform or your Pack 603 T shirt.
Smile, introduce yourself and tell your customers you are selling Popcorn for Cub Scout Pack 603.
Know the different kinds of popcorn that you are selling.
Never sell alone (take mom or dad)…never enter anyone’s home (stay on the porch).
Have the customer fill out their name, address and phone. The Scout fills out quantity of items ordered.
Collect the money (check or cash) when the customer orders the Popcorn.
Checks are to be made out to “Cub Scout Pack 603”.
Remember to say “Thank you for helping Cub Scout Pack 603!”

We appreciate the efforts of your Scout (and your help with your Scout). If you have questions about popcorn, please contact Jamie Caridi at 614.453.5555.