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Spring Campout 2015 – Camp Lazarus

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Got the fire going even when the wood was wet!!!

So we can put the Spring 2015 Campout in the bag!  Thank you to everyone who participated; we had 10 Scouts and 7 adults participate DESPITE the amazing amount of rain we got.  The Scouts did a great job with the hike through the camp in the pouring rain, and had a pretty good time playing Flag Hunt.  Well, everyone except Group A – that flag might have been a little hard to find!  

The boys did a fantastic job making Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, and Salad for lunch with a lot of help from Lannetta Knotts (THANK YOU) and the Silver Dollar dinner was a pretty big hit as well.  The boys learned to use a map to find their way around camp and they gave us some laughs with skits at the end of the night.  Victor Clarke-Gill also joined the ranks of the “fire starters” by successfully starting a fire with steel and flint and the help of a little dryer lint.  Zain Schlosser, Aiden Henney, Larry Dunn and Ben Murphy all practiced their whittling skills looking for a perfect hiking stick.  The search continues for them.

The boys had fun playing ghost in the graveyard, freeze tag and a couple of games I’m not sure what they were.  There was a wicked game of Uno this morning and I think everyone got crushed by Aiden Henney.  We had a great breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, milk and grits.  It was the first time for grits with a lot of the boys so thanks to Mr. Clarke for bringing a new experience to the Pack!  Everyone helped clean up our camping area and with a little elbow grease, we cleaned up the cabin and headed for home safe and sound.

As I mentioned to some of you, we are a little behind on some of our requirements for Rank advancements.  On Tuesday, the Scouts can work on their Den Banners but please have your boys bring their Scout books.  I suspect we have completed more than 75% of the requirements, we just need to sign off on them and see what we have left to accomplish.

Last note, we want to get a sense on participation with continuing Scout meetings over the summer and possibly participating in Bexley 4th of July parade, another Summer campout, a “fishing expedition”, some hikes along Alum Creek trail and possibly an outing to learn how to canoe.  Summer time is a great time for adventures and maybe doing some things with our Boy Scout Troop as well.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday and thanks again for all who participated in the campout!