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Stepping Back In Time

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This weekend Pack 603 took a step back in time of sorts as the Cub Scouts had a chance to have an adventure at Camp Hugh Taylor Birch in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Camp Birch was founded in the 1930’s with a generous land grant and was built up over time to over 400 acres including a lake, swimming pool, climbing tower, dining hall and many campgrounds with tent space and cabins.  The Scouts got a chance to see the historical camp and we also got a chance to hike through Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve and the stunning natural architecture it has to offer.

[hb_gallery number=”3″ size=”col-4″]For myself and one other father, it was a trip down memory lane.  We had a chance to once again enjoy the campsite of our youth and see how much has changed and how little has changed.  But more importantly, it reinforced our belief in Scouting as a great organization for teaching important life values to our kids and as a way for Scouts to embrace nature while having fun with their friends in the great outdoors.  While we only had 10 attendees, I think everyone walked away having a fun time despite the rain, cold and our friendly neighborhood raccoons (they feasted on our food).

Looking forward to the next campout!!