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To Keep Myself… Morally Straight

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Morally.  For many people, when they hear that word their first thought goes to religion.  And for many people, religion and faith form the basis of our morality.  But our morality comes from a lot of different sources beyond our faith.  Our friends and family influence our morality and our life experiences do as well.  Even the media and the things we watch can impact our morality.

In Scouting, we use the Scout Laws to help build our character and to form our morality.  Just as Superman was all about Truth, Justice and the American Way, Scouts are all about being Trustworthy, Loyal, Courteous and Kind.  Following the Scout Laws is a daunting task for a child.  As I mentioned in our Pack Meeting last month, they just show up as words on paper to the boys.  It’s our job to help bring those words to life, to help the scouts absorb the laws with how we work and play together both at Scouting meetings, at home and at school.

I have always been amazed at how well kids can come together and play together and make new friends.  Scouting is the ultimate anti-bullying tool because of a Scout is ever unsure of what to do, they need only recite the Scout Laws and Scout Oath and the answer becomes very clear.  I am proud of our Scouts, we have a great group of boys who play well together and who work well together.  That’s a reflection of their parents, not Scouting.  I hope you find the Scout Laws and Scout Oath as useful tools to encourage your boys and to get them to understand what it means to be Morally Straight.