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Welcome to Pack 603 2015!

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Welcome Back Scouts & Families!

Welcome back!  Welcome back Wolf Scouts!  Welcome back Bear Scouts, Welcome back Webelos!  And a special welcome to you new Tigers!  Welcome back Parents!

We get the most out of Scouting when we do things together.  And the point of Scouting is for us to do things TOGETHER!  Parents, Scouts, Volunteers – remember our kids are Scouts too.  Sometimes Scouting my seem like a lot of effort, and sometimes it might be.  When I was a kid, I remember watching a bunch of Disney shows on TV.  One show, Mary Poppins, stuck out at me because she put “effort” in a funny light when she said “With every job there must be done, there is an elemmary-poppins-still1_610_407shar_s_c1ent of fun, you find that fun and SNAP the job’s a game.”  Mary Poppins summed up Scouting right there.

In Scouting, we work on things, we build our character by finding ways to make it fun.  Just like yesterday, we worked on our Oath to be PHYSICALLY STRONG by having fun with a Cub Scout Fitness Challenge.  SNAP – the job was a game!

I got into Scouting when I was a boy, my father worked for the Tecumseh Council in Springfield, OH for 15 years.  I spent many summers at Camp Birch and learned a lot while having a ton of fun hanging out with Scouts and leaders.  If there is one thing I learned of Scouting, it’s the same thing that Mary Poppins taught me, don’t let the Scouting become a job.  Because Scouting is a really fun game.

I am looking forward to playing the game of Scouting with all of you this year – let’s have some fun together!!!